Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Monday, July 13, 2015

June and July- Moving forward

June and July have not passed without feelings and emotions for me. I simply did not get anything down in words here at the blog. I apologize for those who some how are connecting with reading about death and greiving. 
June was Father's Day and that was a difficult time. The worst part was the weeks prior to Father's Day. Entering a store and being confronted with the "Father's Day" Signs....knowing I couldn't buy anything for him. In particular were the cards. He loved cards. He really enjoyed the humourous cards and although I enjoyed them, I often opted for the fluffy ones to let him know how much I loved him.....although he would have enjoyed the humourous one more!
July 1st was his birthday and it also was the 6th anniversary of the kidney transplant. A nice reminder that we had him longer here on earth due to his kidney transplant. 
As August approaches......we approach the final leg of this year long journey of "firsts" since his death. This leg, for me, will include remembering each day of that final chapter in his life. So I will be positing daily for a few weeks......bringing forward the posts from each day from last year to remember and be with that lose one more time. I want some way to honor my grief and put some closure on it. I cetainly will miss him for the rest of my life, it just won't ever be the same without him. I also know that there will be a time of closure to the raw grief and I am hoping that my plan will help do that.

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