Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Friday, August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014 - Take Two

Guess who is home! For those who saw my Dad on Sunday, you will be happy to know he looks much better today.

Hospice is here to do the admission.  Again, hospice is just going to help manage his care so he can feel as good as possible. The hospice admission is taking a little longer because of course he has to tell all of his stories and jokes to the hospice nurse. :) Thankfully he doesn't need much help right now. He can still take his own shower and all of that. We really just want to keep his symptoms managed so he can enjoy his life a little more!

So here is the converstation at the moment:
Catie: "Dad, you have a captive audience with this Blog, everyone is coming to read about you, do you want to tell them anything?"
Wayne:  "Well, I ain't dead yet"
Shelley: "You don't want to be doing tombstone jokes yet"
Wayne: *smile*

We are having fun. One thing is for sure. If you get Shelley and I together, there is bound to be hilarity ensueing.........

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