Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30, 2014

Scott and Renee Warne (my brother and sister in law) stopped to have breakfast with our Dad and Sonja this morning. My dad sure is enjoying those who are stopping by to see him! He also is really thankful for his hospice team and care that they are providing. He finally admitted to me that he signed up for hospice "for" me, but is really glad now that he did. He said he really didn't realize how much they do for a person and the fact that you really don't need to be dying tomorrow to be on hospice!

His biggest complaint today is that his head hurts (the incision from the surgical removal of the basal cell skin cancer). It sounds like quite the wound! I asked if he took a pain pill and he said that he forgot. *SMH* (*Shake My Head*).

I will be at my West Branch office this coming week, so I will get to see him at least one evening. With only 3 weeks left at my current position, and 1 of those weeks I am actually helping out with an office in Wisconsin, I am a bit frantic making sure that each of my offices have what they need and are ready for surveys that are coming up. I probably will be working late for the next 3 weeks. However, for SURE I will be taking one evening to head over to see him!

If you are wondering what you can be praying for when you think of my Dad, please pray that he finds freedom from the heavy burden he is carrying. He loves his wife very much and the burden of leaving her and not knowing that she will be finacially sound is weighing heavy on him. Thank you!

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