Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014

I called my Dad tonight and he didn't have a great day. He did get to visit with Gary and Dianne and someone else (I forgot who!). He felt a bit badly because he fell asleep while they were there. I said "as if you have never done that before!" HA! He is feeling dizzy again. He didn't have on his oxygen, so I asked him to put it on. I also called Hospice to have them come out and make it so he has oxygen to sleep as well. 
He certainly is having good and bad days. I can't get a good read on what this means. He still is dead set on getting a heart cath "when" his kidney levels come down. It seems to be a hope that he is hanging on to. I certainly will help him accomplish this goal if that is what he wants even though I don't feel as if it is a good idea. 

I mentioned before that I will be working in West Branch this week. If I can get the things accomplished that I need to get accomplished tomorrow. I plan to drive up and spend the evening with him and go to West Branch in the morning on Tuesday. 

I told a few of my siblings already and I will mention it here. We really have no way of knowing the time that my Dad has left. When the heart is involved it just doesn't give us good info because things can go bad unexpectdly and in an instant. So what I say is, if your heart is calling you to visit or call, do it. It may not mean that he is going to be leaving this world soon, but it may be that you will have a treasured memory that you would not of had. Just listen to your gut. 

This is actually true for all of us. Treasured memories are valuable. follow your heart. Live your life so that you find those treasured moments. None of us ever knows when we may leave this world.

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