Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014

I had not meant to not write here since Friday! I have been busy, however I am always busy! I have thought of my dad often since Friday. I called 2 of my brothers on Saturday to check in on them. I messaged with my cousin Susie, which was really nice. I am hoping to get together with her soon.

I feel the full gratefulness of having the father that I had in my life. He wasn't perfect, but as I said at his funeral, it isn't about being perfect. In fact.....he was perfect for me.

Everyday.....I think of him.....and I shake my head and think.....I can't beleive that I am not going to see him or talk to him again on this earth. That makes me sad to think of that......but I now have an automatic switch that takes me back to the gratitude. I am really thankful for that.

I will love him forever, I will miss him forever.....and now....forever I will be grateful for him in my life :)

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