Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 22, 2015

I am not feeling well. I was not feeling well yesterday either and thus I didn't post here yesterday. So you are getting a big dose today as there are 3 posts from last year to put up.

First I shared on the blog here that Dad was signing up for hospice, and one year ago today is the day that he actually signed up for hospice. We had no idea that in 2 weeks he would die. As you can see by the post below, the point of putting him on hospice was to improve his quality of life and hopefully the length as well. For many patients that is true. For my father, he was one of those people who relaxed into the process. The truth is, he would have been in and out of the hospital for a few more months, maybe longer and then died in his sleep one night. So although we had him for a shorter period of time, it was quality time and family members were able to come and see him and say goodbye. That meant a lot to him and to each family member. Today was the beginning of the end for my dad one year ago today.....he is missed by so many of us.......

Friday, August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014 - Take Two

Guess who is home! For those who saw my Dad on Sunday, you will be happy to know he looks much better today.

Hospice is here to do the admission.  Again, hospice is just going to help manage his care so he can feel as good as possible. The hospice admission is taking a little longer because of course he has to tell all of his stories and jokes to the hospice nurse. :) Thankfully he doesn't need much help right now. He can still take his own shower and all of that. We really just want to keep his symptoms managed so he can enjoy his life a little more!

So here is the converstation at the moment:
Catie: "Dad, you have a captive audience with this Blog, everyone is coming to read about you, do you want to tell them anything?"
Wayne:  "Well, I ain't dead yet"
Shelley: "You don't want to be doing tombstone jokes yet"
Wayne: *smile*

We are having fun. One thing is for sure. If you get Shelley and I together, there is bound to be hilarity ensueing.........

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 22, 2014

This update is one hour early, but I need to make sure that everyone knows that I am sincerely sorry that some of you heard the news about my father getting hospice this way. I asked my father if it was ok to write this blog and to talk about hospice. What I did not take the time to stop and think about were some people who are close to my father who should have heard this information in person, or at least with a phone call. I truly apologize for that. I do hope that my post on the 21st about what hospice care really means brings some comfort to all of you. 

Shelley and I are up in Cadillac to see Dad. We visited with him for a bit tonight in the hospital. He is coming home tomorrow. Hospice will come over and complete the admission for him. The kidney specialist will continue to monitor his kidney function (at this time his labs are very high for his kidney function and they need to be low). Dad will make a decision at some point on if he will have a heart catheritization in Ann Arbor or not. It is important that he makes his own decisions about the care he recieves. He is of sound mind and has every right to decide what is best for him. I know that we all will support him in his decisions. 

I will be here for a good part of the day tomorrow to help get him home and get the hospice admission completed. Shelley will be here for the weekend. Shelley and I have worked out a "phone tree" of sorts. When information needs to be shared Sonja will notify both Shelley and I. In turn we will each call our brothers. We each will be responsible for our own kids. Hopefully this way, any change will be known by the family before it goes on the blog :) I will also call Aunt Susan who will let the siblings know. Please don't let your mind go to a morbid place. I am not talking about "dying"....just information that should be shared person to person and not in a non personal way via social media! 

I hope this helps. I really know how much everyone loves him and just wanted to make sure everyone that wants information is able to get it. You all probably are aware of this, but my dad prays for  every single member of our family, every single night. Including the girlfriends of his grandkids. He loves each and every one of you. He truly does. New update tonight......or tomorrow night.....the days are running together!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21, 2014

A summary of how we got to this point.  Sunday at the family reunion my dad was not feeling well. By Monday evening Sonja took him to the emergency room at the Cadillac hospital. He remains in the hospital at this time. They are working on getting his labs that relate to his kidney function decreased. Once he goes home he is going to have hospice come in to help him manage his care. 
Hospice is a word that often brings fear to people when they hear it. I know hospice in a way that brings me comfort. I want to share with you just a bit about hospice and how it can help my father. Many think that hospice comes in to help people die. The truth is actually the opposite of that. Hospice helps people to live to the best quality of life a person can possibly live, for as long as they can possibly live it. 
There is no one else on this earth that wants my father to live as long as possible than I do. I can’t even tell you how desperately I don’t want to see him leave this world. The research is out there that speaks to how hospice helps people live, on average 30 days longer than those who do not have hospice care. 
So back to how hospice comes in to help you live; hospice is holistic care. Hospice looks at not just the medical issues, but also the spiritual and psychosocial issues that are present. Hospice also considers the family a patient as well. This team of experts comes together to work with the patient and family to build a plan of care around the patient’s own goals. 
The goal is simple. We want my dad to feel as good as he possibly can for as long as he possibly can. Often when a patient comes on to hospice care, their symptoms are managed and some of the emotional burden is lessened and patients are no longer eligible for hospice and are discharged. My dad’s goal is to outlive his hospice admission! Everyone who knows him knows that is a real possibility! 
Facebook is not the place that I wish to keep people posted. I know how much he is loved by so many and I want to ensure that you all are able to keep up with him. So I have started this blog and I will post daily. Thank you for loving him! He is an incredible man. Please be sure to leave comments, I am sure he will be reading along with you all!

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