Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 25, 2015

I did not make a post on this day last year. I believe that I was at his house. I am having trouble remembering exactly. I know I was there for most of the last 2 weeks.....I think that I worked at one of the offices close to Cadillac. I do know at this point I was beginning to worry about him. It is interesting because after he was admitted to hospice I learned that the hospice thought he was too "well" and that he was only being admitted because he was my father. It had to go up the chain for "review". Such a misconception to think that one must be on their death bed to receive hospice services. The point of hospice is to provide comfort to the suffering...suffering happens long before death occurs.........regardless.....he died 2 weeks after he was admitted to hospice.

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