Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014 - Sharing

So I did this...............

I make glass beads, so I made a special bead to add as a charm to this key ring. I started with this idea to make a key ring for my siblings. I wanted a disc that had DAD stamped in it, then I added an angel wing to the disc. (Yes I stamped the disc!) Then I found a golf club charm and another charm that says LIVE LOVE LAUGH (which is what became the theme of my dad's funeral) Then I got the idea to add 2 pennies the first for the year he was born (1939) and the second for the year he died (2014). I put it all together and this is what you have. I rather like it. I don't think it can withstand the daily wear and tear of actually keeping your keys on it, but it is a nice sentiment anyway. I hope they all like it. Some of the grand kids even want one. So I added a special listing at my Etsy store for them to get one for just the cost of making it. I also burned a DVD of the slide show that I made for the funeral and burned the last voice mail that I had from my dad. It is the only thing I am aware of that has his voice recoreded. It really is nice to hear his voice. 

Much of this is a repeat. It is late and I need to catch a flight to Arizona early in the morning....so I am off to bed.........

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