Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014 - Culture and grieving

I am in Tucson this week. It actually is gorgeous here. There is a large population of Mexican culture here. Driving down the freeway I saw two different spots where it was apparent someone had died at that spot. Both were trees and the elaborate decorations were just amazing. I couldn't get photos.

I did however go to visit here

It is a mission. I beleive it is a catholic church. Although I am certain there is more to it. It was a lovely spot. Currently in the midst of a renovation. I was drawn to the culture and how they remembered loved ones.......

 This "statue" is of a saint that lays in state in the sanctuary. I incorrectly bleieved that people pinned these charms (see the photo below) to the saint in rememberence of their loved one. I found out later it was a charm that they pin to the saint as a prayer for themselves.
 There were man candels lit......I can only assume for loved ones..........If I had a candle, I would have ,lit one for my Dad. We went later in teh day and most of the stores were closed, so I couldn't buy a candle.
I am very drawn to how different people grieve, how different people remember their loved one. I do think that everyone does it differently, even in the same culture. I don't think that there is a wrong way to grieve. Likely there are some unhealthy ways to grieve........but no matter how you do it..........one things is fairly consistent.
We never forget those we love deeply........we think about them all the time.............

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