Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 - The kindness of strangers

I am sitting in the Chicago O'Hare Airport on a layover to Washington D.C. I am flying Southwest Airlines, which is often frustrating as they don't have seat assignments. I didn't check in 24 hours before my flight, so I get the left over seats.

I am back to my 2 carry on's and they are slightly overpacked. It was a struggle to get my clothing carry on into the overhead bin, but the male stewardess was helpful. I "fall" into a seat where there is a passenger at the window seat and 2 open seats. I got my smaller carryon stowed under the middle seat and said, well I may as well sit in the middle as I think they have a full flight. The man next to the window 'Eric' said, I don't know, it looks like everyone has a seat. So I sat in the isle seat, fully expecting to move. I said something to 'Eric' and he said it doesn't sound like you are having a good start to the week. I said, actually, my mantra is "breathe in Love, exhale Gratitude" and I am working to keep that in the forefront especially on travel days. He then proclaimed that I seemed to be doing well with that.

We instantly began to talk (which really is not something that I do....although many of you may think that I am an extrovert......I am truly an introvert to an extreme. I don't have a strong desire to interact with anyone on the plane. Ever.

This man was different. I I instantly knew this.

I will not regergitate our conversation. It would simply bore you no doubt. What I will tell you is that my soul was dancing, listening to this man share with me about his mother's recent passing and the reasons for his trip.

He "got" me.....and I got him.....and it was exactly what I needed to hear..........I tried to say a few things.....but I knew that I was to listen to him and not interject any of my thoughts.

He was an angel....in the respect that "God", my higher power.....set up this little plane ride...that seemed to last 5 minutes......I doubt that I will ever see this man or speak to him again.....but the kindness of a stranger.....can make all the difference in a day for a soul.........I hope he finds blessings in his day and knows how much he touched a strangers heart and soul today.


  1. So happy for you Catie that you connected with this stranger who was there at just the right time and place. It is amazing how things work out when we least expect them. It was meant to be ... a gift that you needed !

  2. It was, my heart was happy! Thank you Debbie!