Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28, 2014

Someone shared this blog with me

Painted Prayer book

This is a poem that the author of that "blog" wrote

It Is Hard Being Wedded to the Dead
It is hard
being wedded
to the dead;
they make different claims,
offer comforts
that do not feel comfortable
at the first.
They do not let you
remain numb.
Neither do they allow you
to languish forever
in your grief.
They will safeguard
your sorrow
but will not permit
that it should become
your new country,
your home.
They knew you first
in joy,
in delight,
and though they will be patient
when you travel
by other roads,
it is here
that they will wait
for you,
here they can best
be found
where the river runs deep
with gladness,
the water over each stone
singing your
unforgotten name.
– Jan Richardson

Although she wrote this about the loss of her husband.....it speaks to my soul.......Safegaurd my sorrow, but not permit that it become my new country, your home.   My dad new me first and I knew him first in joy and delight......The river runs deep with gladness.....the water over each stone singing your unforgotten name......

Such a beautiful poem.....these words speak to my soul........

I also started reading a book (audio book) proof of Heaven. I do believe that I am looking for my dad's soul to be at peace. AGAIN...logically I KNOW that it is....I know he is so happy where he is at......it is the transition that I am stuck on....and I just simply wish to know more about the transition. So I soak all of his up like a dry sponge that has not seen a drop of water in years..........I am so thirsty for this knowledge. 

I am still working with the first precept.......welcoming everything....pushing away nothing........each day is bringing new things..........this is good for my soul.

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