Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12, 2014 - Step 2

Take time each day to honor your grief. Set up a sanctuary in your home or in nature, a protected place where you can open fully to your grief for ten to twenty minutes every day. Using the sanctuary, gradually you will find a rhythm of entering the grief for a period each day, then letting it go and attending to daily tasks.
                  ~Alexandra Kennedy

This is step two. I don't want to get ahead of myself. However I do think that step one is fairly simple, acknowledging the magnitude that the death of my Dad has on me. There is simply no doubt about that! So I think it is time for step two.

I like the idea of taking specific time for the grief, so eventually it is narrowed down to that. It makes me think of meditation. I already know that we are planting a tree in honor of my father in our yard. This will be my nature spot. Then we will have a place in the house with a photo of him, probably the photo of his hand holding my hand and then hopefully something of his that I can hang up with the photos. I really want some type of necklace that I can hang some charms on it, charms that represent things that remind me of him. For certain I will design a new bead in honor of him. That will be the focal. Then........I will simply need to see what I want to include. I think this will provide me with opportunities to grieve and ways to allow me to feel close to my dad.

I am looking forward to getting these memorials set up. The task itself is something to focus on.

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