Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28, 2014 - New Life

Three weeks ago today my Dad left this world. It seems like an eternity since I talked to him or hugged him......... During his last week of life, as he lay dying.....his family and friends visited. Since my Dad lived in Cadillac, most of his family and friends lived down state 2-4 hours away. So it was a wonderful site to see everyone that made the journey to visit. Including this lovely lady...........

Calley is the wife of Keith Green, who is the Grandson of my Dad. Calley made the trip to Cadillac twice that week, once to visit and the second time for the funeral. We all held our breath a bit as she was 38-39 weeks pregnant and probably shouldn't have been traveling. I remember my Dad reaching for her belly....he so wanted to touch new life his last week. He wanted to hold the children and bless them. I am sure that is what he was doing when he touched Calley's belly....blessing her baby.

Calley was due a few days ago and has been patiently waiting for her baby boy to arrive......All I could think about was that Great Grandpa and Kyrin (the baby) were playing, or grandpa was holding him.......so it took a bit longer for him to arrive in the world. Well....last night.....nearly 2 hours until it was officially 3 weeks since my Dad passed away....Kyrin Green was welcomed into the world.
He is beautiful and no doubt that my Dad would be very proud of his Grandson Keith and Calley for making such a beautiful baby and he would want to bless him again......and he is blessing him from a far as well as watching over this new life that has entered the world.

We are all born into this world.....and we all leave this world at some point .....some of us are closer to one side or the other......This tiny soul is a close to birth as possible......and the bright beautiful soul of my Dad has left. I think it is amazingly miraculous the entering of the soul into this world and the leaving of a soul..........both events are almost traumatic in the process. Birth is painful for the mother and likely for the child as well. The father must hate to see his wife suffer through this process. Certainly the rest of the family (Calley's mother etc.) hates to see the suffering as well. However they also know that at the end of the suffering comes a beautiful soul that is going to fill the earth with love and joy for all the days of it's life (which we hope are many).

Death is not unlike birth. It is labor.......labor to breath. The body is shutting down each system.....The family who is with their loved one watching and loving them as they take each breath in this dying process......knows that the soul will be leaving for a much better place, where there will be joy and love for all the days of it's life......forever more. There is great joy in both events for the souls of each individual.............It is beautiful to see new life and be reminded that the life that has left this world......shines brightly somewhere out there.....

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