Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014 - Early Evening

I am trying to get around to get some things done and ready for the funeral tomorrow.  I feel rather....numb. And making decisions is clearly not an easy task. I know what I want to wear, however the jewelry....I have 4 different sets of jewelry set out for the same outfit. I can't seem to decide. I start one thing and get tired of it and start something else. Such a lack of focus. I imagine that this is all rather normal. I do know that working on Thursday and Friday is probably going to be best for me to do because sitting around my house starting and not finishing things is basically making me nuts.

We will need to leave our house around 7am to arrive in time for the private family viewing prior to the public viewing and funeral. I can't miss the private time, I really need that...at least I think I do.

I do have the eulogy ready. I have a prop to make, but that is all. I created a slide show of photos set to music, so I am taking my laptop. I probably should clean it first!

My head hurts.

It seems strange that life continues like nothing happened.....I lost my father.....Don't you think the world should stop for a little while.....??

Ok. So you see the Fund Raiser over to the right? Well, I thought I would start it for anyone who wished to contribute to his memory. He had no life insurance and living on social security they were not able to save any money. If you feel so lead to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. We have 30 days to pay for the funeral. Thank you for your consideration.

Ok...off to start something that likely won't get finished......

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