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Wayne Green

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20, 2014 - Cousins

Growing up in the Green family was pretty fun. I remember every Sunday (at least most of them) we went to Grandma and Grandpa Green's house on the farm for dinner. There were 4 of us girl cousins all about the same age. We played together on that farm and had so much fun. Our favorite game was "go around the house" which was this game of tag that our uncle Dave made up to get us out of his hair no doubt! We all admired Debbie, we looked up to her. I think she may of had an old soul, she has always been mature and grounded. She also was always beautiful!

They say that cousins are your first friends in life. For us I believe that was true. This photo is the four of us girls (We don't know who the 5th girl is here!) From left to right. Debbie, Susie, Penny, Unknown intruder, Catie (or as my family called me then, Cathy) Debbie and Susie were the oldest, I think only by months, then came me and Penny was the youngest. we were close when we were young as we became teenagers, we all lived in different parts of the region and made our own friends. Then we only saw each other at family gatherings or reunions. Now. Funerals.
Debbie was loved dearly by my father , as were all of us as you have read here on this blog, but I do believe that my Dad did have a special place in his heart for Debbie. Maybe because she was an only child, or maybe because her Dad was my Dad's big brother, (whom my dad claimed was his hero as he lay dying). Debbie was one that came to see my dad in his final days. It was a special day to have family travel such a long distance to see my father. Then, one week later they made the trip again to attend his funeral.

Just like Cathy is what I was called growing up (and now go by Catie) Debbie is now Deb. Deb must have been standing with me or overheard me at the funeral talking about the daily devotional that my Dad loved. It was written by Tony Dungy the Football coach. Sonja had given it to the pastor to possibly use in his eulogy. The pastor had given it to me at the viewing to give back to Sonja. In my head I was thinking how special it was. He had told me about his book many times. When I gave it to Sonja she wanted it to go with my dad. I reluctantly placed it with him in his coffin. My heart sank a little thinking how special it would be to keep his devotional, however through all of this, I always  wanted her to have things how she wanted them to be. So I released the devotional, knowing that my Dad would like to have that with him.

I arrived home from my week on the road to a box from Amazon. I thought, I didn't order anything from Amazon?!!  I opened it and.............

This is what was inside, with a note from Deb saying that she knows it is not the same as having the one that my Dad read, but that maybe I would find it special in some way.

Tears stung my eyes, my heart was so full. My husband Dave had tears in his eyes.........What a incredibly thoughtful gift. Thank you Deb for the gift of being the cousin that I always looked up to, for being special to my Dad and for taking the time to send me a gift that I will treasure forever. Moreover, my Dad would be very pleased that I have this devotional.

It is odd as we age how life brings us back around to the friendships we first had as children. My Dad is smiling at this, I have no doubt!

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