Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 4, 2014

Seven AM and we all slept the last 5 hours. More importantly, we all are still breathing this morning. I woke up at 5 and checked on him. He was sleeping and breathing, so I didn't touch him. I wasn't sure that I could go back to sleep, but I did. He remains sleeping and breathing and again, I really don't want to wake him up. Sonja is sleeping as well and heaven knows she needs it too. So sitting in the back bedroom to give you this quick update. I think I will grab a shower and try to get a few things picked up and organized. Depending on how my Dad is when he wakes up will determine how I spend the rest of today. I do need to retrieve some things from the West Branch office if nothing else. I also know that his hospice nurse is coming this morning and I think I want to at least be here for that visit and review with her what I think needs to be on hand medication wise should he continue to go on this path we will need to manage secreations and we don't have a couple of things that will help do that. That was probably more information than you wanted. (as well as one long run on sentence...and I am tying this instead of fixing that....ha....)

I am feeling like he is hanging in there. Likely so that he can see everyone who has called to say that they are coming between today and Sunday. I will tell you that the extra beds are full starting tonight and through Sunday. So there is no room at the "Green Inn" at this time for sleep overs. Day trips are available and desired! Please come. Even if he rallys and enjoys a few more months, you will bring a smile to his face at a time that he is pretty low.

Ok....updates will continue every few hours until I know he is out of the woods.

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