Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 6, 2014

Every time I type the date in the title, I wonder if this is the date that will be forever etched in my heart as the date I lost my Dad. So far, none of the dates are that date. I don't know if today will be. He has beaten all of my predictions to date.

Jeremey who is the eldest son of Spencer (one of our siblings who is waiting in heaven for my Dad) is very special to my Dad. Jeremey lived in Hawaii for a bit as a soldier and now has a fancy job in North Dakota with an oil company. (we are all very proud of him and what he has accomplished, he also has one of the sweetest wives I have met, Amanda and 2 very polite and well behaved children that he adores). Jeremey went through a lot losing his father. In some ways I think he and my Dad have the closeness of a father and son. We really didn't know if Jeremey would be able to make it to see Dad. He was flying in for the ND vs Michigan game that is on today. Those of you who know me know that I am a huge homer for Michigan (with bragging rights since I actually attend the University of Michigan). My Dad, who loves  beyond measure, doesn't wish ill will to much. (nothing that I am aware of). The fact that he has remained a die hard lions fan all of these years, tells you something. *smile*. So when Jeremey called him on Thursday my dad told him, "I love you so much that I will even cheer for ND on Saturday". Seriously. *shaking my head*. ha!

So Jeremy arrived about 12:30 am. My dad who had only a few lucid moments yesterday awoke for him and fought to free his hands and arms from under the sheet covering him so he could wrap his arms around this young man that he loves. It was touching like so many other moments we have had the past few days with other family members as well.

By the time that everyone got to bed, it was 1:30 am. I relinquished my bed to Jeremey after his long flight and took up on a recliner in the living room with my Dad. At about 4:30 am, I look over and he is pushing the sheet off his legs and I see his legs start to swing towards the side of the bed. I jumped up and asked what he was doing. He said he wanted to sit up. I asked why he wanted to sit up. He said "so I know that I still can" I tried to convince him that Sonja and I needed some sleep and we could check on his 'sitting up' status in the morning. He was having no part of that......so he sat up in the bed, but didn't dangle his legs, we fixed his wedge and pillows and hoped that would be enough. Not so fast. "I have to pee" we discussed that he was too weak to stand. He then gave in to the depends, which I explained was underwear with a pocket to catch his pee. He had a few coughs and asked why he was coughing. I said, well I didn't wake up every hour to give you your medicine. He said "you are fired".....oh my......ha ha.  I said to him "so you are still fighiting this aren't you?" " he said, " well yes I am". He was concerned that his legs were getting weak from not walking or having done any exercises. so Sonja suggested she rub his legs....he liked that. Finally we got him back to sleep but I think it took us well over 30 minutes.

He just woke up again at 6:30 and I got his medicine before he could get to sassy again. I did ask if he was mad at me. He said no.

He has beaten the odds yet again.......I beleive he is holding out for a miracle. If anyone can get it (or deserves it) it is him. However with multi system failure (heart, lungs, kidney....) the odds of that are slim, although, who is going to tell him that....again. He is a fighter, he is fighting with every thing he has. As long as he is not suffering in pain or discomfort. I can take being wrong in my predictions..........tick, tick, tick.............

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