Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 6, 2014 - 10 pm

And so it goes. We have not given my Dad any morphine for at least 90 minutes and he has not changed since the last update. He continues with a loud "rattle" with his breathing, unresponsive, and stubborn. The lack of sleep is wearing on me a bit. I packed up my car so I can head home to where it is safe and warm, so I can repack for a funeral. I thought earlier tonight that September 6 2014 was the date that would be etched in my heart forever.......now.....it may not.......Even without the morphine increasing his oxygen levels, he is fighting until his very last breath.  If you are old enough to remember how coffee used to be made in a "perculator" that is what his breathing sounds like.

So many thoughts run through my head....wondering what thoughts are running through his head........I know he is comfortable, meaning that he is not feeling any pain, that he is not struggling and grimacing. His face is relaxed and even an occasional smille floats across his face as if he is seeing something wonderful and beautiful. I hope all of his thoughts are wonderful and beautiful.

My brother who was 4 hours away ...driving to just be able to say goodbye to his father's body....is very likely going to arrive before my Dad's soul leaves us.......I am hoping the coffee is ready soon.

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