Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18, 2014 - Full belly

I have one more day to work as a hospice consultant. It is nearly poetic that I end my career at this office that I am at. The leadership took me out to dinner tonight. The food was incredible and the company even better. They gave me the best compliment that I have ever gotten. To be perfectly honest with you, I am dreading tomorrow. I love these women! I am going to miss them greatly. Yes, we will meet on facebook and call each other from time to time......but it just isn't the same as seeing them for a week every month. Getting calls and emails from them every day........these women feed my soul.  I don't want to say goodbye to them tomorrow! :(

It really is another loss on top of the loss of my Dad.

Speaking of my Dad......My husband asked me to send him a photo of Ayvah, our little foster grand daughter and while I was looking for one to send.....I ran across a video I took of my dad that last week that he was alive. The entire thing didn't save because here was not enough room on my phone to save....but I actually have a video of him. I had my hand over the mic, so the sound is very garbled......but I can see his body movements and facial expressions......

I think it is how this seems to work. You simply run across something that takes you by surprise. Most often it is a happy surprise. Some have been not so happy. One of my offices emailed me about 3 patients that they were having problems getting their info transmitted to Medicare. They didn't give me names. So I forwarded it on to one of the specialist who track that program. They emailed me back this morning, listing out the 3 patients and what the issue was with each one. the third patient said
Green, Wayne
My heart dropped down to my toes...........then I thought....well there you have it, he is still causing problems even though he is dead. :)

Then.....I see this......

I would share a diet coke with my Dad in a heart beat....and I don't even drink diet coke! :)

I sent this photo to my brother Gary and my Brother Brian and I said...sometimes it is just the small stuff..........Brian texted back that he had called Sonja and got her voicemail only.....Dad is the one who that is speaking the greeting for her voicemail. You just don't see it coming....then it hits you.....and you remember that he is gone. He is never coming back.

Time to sleep......tomorrow is going to be rough..........

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