Wayne Green

Wayne Green

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014 - Family

I moved to Ann Arbor in 2007 to begin the PhD program at the University of Michigan. I was born and raised in Three Rivers Michigan. It is a small friendly town. My children at the time were all out of high school, so although they tease me today that I "abandonded" them, they were old enough for me to make that move. It was a tough first year. I started an agressive program that left me wondering if someone in graduate studies admissions made a horrible mistake by accepting my application to the program. I also left the comfort and safety of my friendly small town and all of my family. I really had no intention of staying in the Ann Arbor area.

In 2008 I met who is now my husband. That sealed the deal. We were two peas in a pod and in 2010 were privately married in vegas (to the chagrin of my family who wanted to be present). We now own a lovely home on the Huron River in Brighton, just minutes outside of Ann Arbor. I love living here. I love the atmosphere, the people, the opportunities. It really is a great place to be. What is not so great, is living 2 hours from my children. I would love to be home and have any of my children walk through the door and say "hey momma" as if they were just passing by the house and stopped in to say "Hey".

I think when my Dad moved to Cadillac he missed that as well. When I first began traveling as a consultant, I did that a couple of times, just surprised him by stopping in. I believe that my job as a consultant allowed me to see my father much more the last 3 years than ever before and I am grateful for that.

I am fortunate that my children love me and do want to keep in contact with me. So I do get texts from them unexpectedly or phone calls. It always makes me smile. Then, something special will happen, like this weekend.

Having lost my Dad, whom as you know I adored, just 2 weeks ago; I am still wrapping my head around that loss. I also lost professional relationships that I worked hard to have. Although I will remain in contact with a number of them, I won't be "working" with them. It just so happend that this weekend ALL of my kids and their significant others were attending a wedding of their cousins on their fathers side which was in Flint. (just 40 miles from where I live). What a joy for me to have them all visit on the heels of my recent losses. A house full of beautiful souls, laughing, talking, playing....eating.....

As they all lay sleeping still on this cool Sunday morning. I know that we still have some fun in store yet today. I also can feel in my heart that they will be leaving later......and my heart will feel another loss in some ways. I hope to not cry until after they have gotten in their cars and started down the road. I know that I will cry...only becuase my emotions are already bubbling and, I am known to shed a tear when they leave. Honestly, I don't think it makes much logical sense that I cry. I am so happy that they would choose to come visit me, I know that I will see them again. I know we will talk and keep in touch like we do. So the tears just seem silly. Which is why I hope they don't appear for the kids to see. I simply want them to know that I love them and love spending time with them.....There does not need to be sadness when they leave! If those tears do come.......I will tell them....they are tears of joy.

Because they are tears of joy. Tears of happiness that I have this wonderful family.  That even though I was not the perfect parent, they love me anyway! Happy tears will come........but first. I need to makes some pancakes.

 One of my kids memories of Grandpa Green is visiting him at the dealership he worked at.  My kids are grieving the loss of Grandpa even more than I anticipated. They didn't see him as often as they should have or wanted to.....but they said the same thing that so many others are saying.....he made them feel special and loved.

 Left to right is Chrystal, Helen, Jordan, Morgan, and Ben. I love these young adults. They are easily the best thing I have ever done in my life. (or ever will do!) *Missing is Heidi, Chrystal's partner*

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